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Insurance, quoting & payments

Do I have to get insurance?

BJ's Express has Full Carriers Liability Insurance. This cover is for a major situation that may occur in transit such as fire, flood, collision and overturning of vehicle. Although the greatest care for your furniture is always taken at BJ's Express, accidents may occur and it is sensible to take out your own insurance for extra cover.

Do you sell insurance?

By law, removalists are unable to insure your individual items unless they are a registered insurance broker. Only you, the property owner, are allowed to arrange the appropriate insurance. We recommend Removals Insurance Australia.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment is required on completion of removal (local only) via cash or EFTPOS. We accept Visa or Mastercard. For intrastate removals, full payment is required before the delivery of goods.

What are your invoicing terms?

BJ’s Express Moving and Storage do not invoice unless it is a company or alike. Payment for services is to be made on completion of the job via cash or EFTPOS, unless discussed prior with the director.

How long is my quotation valid for?

Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date you receive your quote. Your removal must be completed within 90 days of receiving your quote.

Packing & assembly

Can I pack my own boxes?

Yes, you can pack your own boxes. Some of our clients choose to pack clothes, books and linen only and leave the fragile items to us. However, any breakages in boxes packed by a client are the client's responsibility. We have a handy tips sheet of instructions for those clients wishing to pack their own belongings.

Do I need to prepare my appliances for transport?

You should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that washing machines be prepared properly as these are easily damaged. Most front loading washing machines require the insertion of stability bolts before transport. It is not our responsibility to fit these and any damage resulting from from inadequate security will not be our responsibility.

Do I have to empty my chest of draws?

Yes, clothing and goods are best packed into separate cartons. Not only will the furniture be heavier when full, but the weight of the clothing may damage the draws when moving.

Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

Our team will disassemble and reassemble beds for your relocation. However, the disassembly and reassembly of swing sets and trampolines will incur further chargers. Please notify our team upon booking if your require specialty items disassembled and reassembled.


When can we expect removalists to arrive?

Removals can be booked for either first thing in the morning at 7:30, or after 12pm. As it is hard to give an exact time of arrival our removals team will phone you 30 minutes prior to arrival.

Will we get a courtesy phone call prior to removal?

Yes, one of our friendly staff members will call one day prior to removal.

Are we covered under insurance or is this an extra cost?

BJ’s Express Moving and Storage only provide cover whilst your goods are in transit. If you require extra cover for loading, unloading or storage one of our administration staff can obtain a quotation for insurance through Removals Insurance Australia.

Is there a cancellation fee if cancellations are not made within 48 hours prior to removal?

Yes, there is a cancellation fee if cancellations are not made within 48 hours prior to removal.

Do we need to be present for our removal?

Yes, we do require someone present at the time of removal unless we have been given permission to enter the premises. At delivery, we do require someone be there to sign off at the end of the job as this is a requirement of our terms and conditions.

Do I need to pay travel time?

Yes, we charge from the time the truck leaves our depot until it returns on completion of your removal. This price is charged additionally to the hourly rate.

Can I pack my own goods?

Yes, you can pack your own goods. If you do pack your own goods, the removalist will take no responsibility for any damage to packed items.

Will you move just one item?

Yes, we do relocate as little as one item. There is no job to big or too small.

How much notice do you need to make my booking?

This is one of our most ask questions. The best answer is as soon as you know what date you would like to move. The more notice we have the more likely you are to book the date that best suits you. In some cases we will have availability to move you within a few days, but this all depends on how busy we are at the time. In peek seasons, such as Christmas and Easter, it is best to book at least 2 weeks prior to your move date.

Do you move pool tables and pianos?

Yes, we do relocate pool tables and pianos. These items are classed as a specialty item and are normally charged at a set price depending on size and location.

Will you move pot plants?

Yes, BJ’s Express can move your pot plants. We cannot guarantee they will be in the same health as when they were loaded if traveling long distances. If you are moving interstate you need to check on the quarantine regulations of your new state, as plants can be prohibited.

What items do you not transport?

Basically anything that is flammable, explosive or toxic including items like aerosol cans, swimming pool treatments, pesticides, oil or cleaning solvents. Ask our staff for a complete list of non-transportable items.


Can I send someone out to get goods from my storage?

Yes, this can be arranged as long as we have written and signed permission from the client as well as full details of the person who will be coming to collect goods. We also require photo identification and a signed inventory to state what has been taken from the storage container.

Do you have storage and can I access my storage?

Yes, we do provide storage solutions for all short and long term storage needs. You may access your storage during business hours only. You must also phone before arrival so we can have your container down and ready for you. Please note, once your goods have been packed into a container you may not be able to reach the items you are after. We can unpack and repack your container for you at an hourly rate.

How long can I store my goods?

BJ’s Express can store your goods for as long as you wish, starting from just overnight.

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