Need storage?

We have the perfect solution for you. BJ’s Express Moving & Storage have full weather proof and vermin proof storage containers available from just one night, or until you require your goods returned. We bring the container to you! All containers are fitted with furniture rugs to wrap and protect your belongings while in storage.

Trudy Laycock Townsville
Just wanted to pass on from Jemma and Andrew how impressed they were with their move. The guys were very professional and courteous. Nothing was too much trouble. The furniture was handled with care and they were very happy with how their items were stacked into the storage facility. Job well done!

Our storage facility

In addition to being both weather and vermin proof, all storage containers are fitted with furniture rugs to wrap and protect your belongings while in storage. This is much more practical than stacking goods on top of each other with no protection in a storage shed. All items are wrapped instantly in furniture blankets and loaded into the container on site. Once loaded the container is locked and delivered back to our secure storage yard.

Delivery of stored goods

When you are ready for your contents to come out of storage, and be delivered, we simply forklift your container back onto the truck and drive to your new home. At your new home or office we will unwrap and place all items into your preferred rooms and location within the premises. We will also assemble your beds and equipment ready to use.

Affordable storage fees

Our storage fees are very affordable, starting at just $200 per month per container. We do not have any lock in contracts, and you may have your goods delivered any time you wish as long as your storage is paid in full. 

Common Questions

Can I access my belongings in storage?

<p>You may access your storage container at any time, as long as your storage account is up to date, during business hours: 8.30am Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 12pm Saturday. We are closed Sunday. Please contact our office before you wish to access your storage so we can forklift your container down and make it ready for easy access.</p>

Will my furniture fit into one container?

A storage container holds 38 cubic meters of furniture and goods. Most 3 to 4 bedroom households fit into 1 container. If you are concerned about whether your furniture will not fit, please contact our office for a free inspection in the Townsville area.

Is my furniture insured while in storage?

<p>We carry transit insurance only, which covers covers the goods only while they're in transit. This cover is for&nbsp;a major&nbsp;situation that may occur in transit such as fire, flood, collision and overturning of vehicle. BJ’s Express, by law, are not allowed to advise or sell you insurance as we are not a registered insurance broker. Only you, the property owner, are allowed to arrange the appropriate insurance. We do recommend&nbsp;<a href="">Removals Insurance Australia</a>, as they specialise in removal insurance and you can receive an instant quote, organise your insurance, and pay directly online.</p>

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